Surgical Extractions

Sometimes, when a tooth cannot be saved, a surgical extraction must occur. Surgical tooth extraction is a standard procedure for removing teeth that are damaged, decayed, or causing pain. This can happen due to issues that are caused by severe tooth decay, teeth overcrowding or an impacted wisdom tooth. The team at Bromley Smiles are dedicated to ensuring that you have a comfortable time during your surgical extraction and will do all they can to help make you feel comfortable.
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What is a Surgical Extraction?

This type of extraction requires a surgical approach. During this procedure, we ensure your comfort by administering a local anaesthetic. This will help to numb the area so that you do not feel discomfort or pain during the process. A surgical extraction involves making incisions to help remove the tooth from its socket. After you finish the procedure, any bleeding that you might experience will be controlled with a soft padding provided post-surgery.
Many people worry about a surgical extraction, but thanks to the advances in dental treatments, the anaesthetic helps to stop you from experiencing any pain. We will do all we can to ensure a quick and efficient tooth extraction.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that you will have come through in your mouth. This typically occurs between the ages of 18 and 24. For some people, their wisdom teeth can come through and not affect their oral health or cause any pain, but for others, they can cause a lot of discomfort and pain, which could lead to having them removed.
Below are three key symptoms to look out for, which could be a sign you have an impacted wisdom tooth and need it to be removed.
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Sometimes, when a wisdom tooth does not come through properly, it could get stuck, either under your gum or as it pushes through the gum. This is called an impacted wisdom tooth and this is when you would need a surgical extraction to help remove it.
After your surgical extraction, it is extremely important to take certain precautions to help with a healthy recovery. To avoid infection, avoid smoking and use straws when drinking liquids to help avoid irritation. If you are experiencing any swelling, applying a cold compress can reduce it and provide relief.
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