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Composite Bonding in Bromley

Bromley Smiles offers composite bonding in Bromley. It’s a cosmetic dental treatment. It can enhance the appearance of your teeth. Our dentists use it to fix various dental flaws. You’ll achieve an attractive, confident smile.


Composite bonding uses tooth-coloured resin material. It has a putty-like texture. The dentist applies it to the tooth surface. They sculpt and shape it. It can repair chips, cracks, gaps, and misshapen teeth. A special light hardens and bonds the resin.

What are the Advantages of Composite Bonding in Bromley?

This treatment is minimally invasive. It doesn’t require major tooth reduction like veneers or crowns. Only minimal existing tooth structure is removed. The procedure is quick and comfortable.

Composite bonding is versatile. It can address multiple issues:

  1. Chips and cracks are repaired for a natural look and protection.
  2. Gaps between teeth are filled for a seamless smile.
  3. The discolouration is covered for a brighter, uniform shade.
  4. Irregular shapes like bulges are smoothed and reshaped.
Composite bonding treatment in Bromley
Composite Bonding in Bromley

What is the Composite Bonding Process?

The first step is a consultation. Our dentist examines your teeth. You discuss your desired results. A matching resin shade is selected.


Next, the tooth surface is roughened slightly. A gel preps the tooth for bonding. The dentist carefully applies and sculpts the resin. Proper contours are formed. The resin is cured and polished to blend with your natural teeth.


Composite bonding offers an affordable, lasting cosmetic solution. With good oral hygiene and check-ups, the bonding can last for years before needing renewal.

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Bromley Smiles’ dental professionals place utmost importance on ensuring their patients’ comfort and leaving them with smiles they can be truly proud of. Utilising cutting-edge techniques and premium composite materials, they specialise in composite bonding treatments that yield remarkably natural-looking yet highly durable results. If you’re considering composite bonding in the Bromley area of Bromley, Bromley Smiles stands out as an excellent choice for attaining a beautiful, confident smile. To learn more about their work and view before-and-after photos showcasing their expertise, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Composite bonding Bromley