Here at Bromley Smiles, our periodontics treatment is designed to help treat various gum problems, including gum disease. This helps you to maintain healthy gums and avoid tooth loss. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, our expert dentists proactively monitor factors like oral hygiene and diet choices to catch issues early on. By visiting us regularly, you can ensure that your oral health is consistently monitored and any problems are swiftly and effectively treated. Take control of your oral health and book an appointment with us today.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Did you know that gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss in adults? Also known as periodontal disease or gingivitis, it’s an inflammation of the gums that can be both painful and dangerous. Anyone can develop this condition, whether due to genetics or consuming too much sugar. The main culprit behind gum disease is a buildup of plaque filled with harmful bacteria on the surface of your teeth. This can be caused by poor oral hygiene. It is a painful disease that severely affects your oral health, so our dentists will do everything they can to ensure that they help prevent it.

Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is known as a ‘silent disease’ and can go unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage. The signs and symptoms vary for this disease, but they could include any of the following:
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Is Periodontal Disease Treatable?
Our expert team is dedicated to treating this debilitating disease in all its stages. We customise treatment options that are perfect for you and the stage of your disease. Our dentists specialise in plaque control, the leading cause of gum disease. Together, we will enhance your oral hygiene and teach you a highly effective teeth-cleaning technique to eliminate bacteria, remove tartar buildup and give you fresher breath, healthier gums, and stronger teeth.
We will document the removal of plaque from each tooth at regular intervals to track progress. This allows you and your dentist to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and make necessary adjustments. Attending regular dental appointments is crucial for monitoring your progress with the dentists, and they can catch any changes early.
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How To Correct The Effects Of Gum Disease?
If you have deep gum pockets, our skilled specialists will initially carefully assess your condition. After using our effective cleaning techniques, we will decide if surgery is the best option for you. With a simple procedure, you can anticipate a fast recovery in just one week. Maintain a healthy smile and prevent future oral problems with regular dental and hygiene appointments. Research suggests that scheduling a visit every three months after treatment is most effective, though it may vary based on your specific bacteria or plaque buildup. Our skilled dental hygienists will closely monitor your gum disease progress and recommend any necessary additional treatment.
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